Public Hearing Comments

On April 23rd, 2013 our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request was granted. Requested were copies of all the comment forms, letters, emails, and other forms containing comments with regard to the U.S. Route 45 Millburn Bypass Public Hearing held at Millburn West School on March 21, 2013. Here are those comments (PDF, 58mb).

The public comments were read by the group and the following is the result of our understanding of the message within those comments. This still clearly states how the majority of the residents, hence stakeholders feel about the proposed bypass. Also, of the 69% that oppose the bypass proposed by IDOT, 94% are for an Eastern Bypass.


Click image above to see how we determined these results.

How we determined these results.
To be clear, we determined these results from reading the public comments. These results are were not officially conducted or endorsed by IDOT or any official. But anyone that actually reads the comments can clearly determine using common-sense, a vast majority of residents oppose the western bypass and favor the Eastern Bypass. We took the approach if we couldn't tell which direction the commenter was going they would be checked as an "Unknown". We did take into account the "tone" of the comment. If it was obvious they were against the proposed bypass, but unclear about going east, "For East Bypass" was left unchecked. Also, comments 134 & 136 seem to be duplicates, so one was removed from the total. Take the comments from the public hearing and our results after reading them and see what you think. Are we correct? What do the majority of the stakeholders want? Is IDOT following their guidelines? If you feel as strongly as we do, make sure you've signed up to receive notifications from us. We're not done with this fight!

Let us know what you think, leave your comments below.